Photography: What's New in Camera RAW?

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Landscape photography image of the Grand Canyon
January 13, 2019

RAW workflow pays off in a grand manner.

A Huge Pano

With thanks to photographer Mark Metternich for helping me learn some masterful Camera RAW techniques, I am releasing my first panoramic image from our trip to Grand Canyon last spring. Composed to eleven vertical shots, the resulting image is approximately 175 megapixels (that's over 6 feet long without any enlargement). I am still working on the print master file but until then I will be quite content wandering through this scene with my zoom tool on a virtual hike. Thanks again,, in helping me to create an incredibly clean and sharp image!

RAW Workflow

Modern RAW workflow starts by editing images as Camera RAW Smart Objects. This allows filters, masks and other typical Photoshop processing steps to be applied without ever rasterizing the RAW image.  The technique allows one to always go back to the original RAW file to make additional changes.

Jeff Lackey photographer
I am a professional photographer, fine art print-maker and a co-founder of J&J Digital along with my wife Jennifer. I also designed and built the J&J Digital web site during the Covid 19 pandemic of 2020.