Yet Another New Camera Body

Did Sony finally get it right this time?

September 16, 2018

Checking the Local Camera Store Pays Off

Super glad I stopped by the camera store today to see if they had any A7R IVs in. The backorder queues at the big boys is running 1-2 months right now. I cancelled my preorder at B+H after snagging this 60 MP monster locally. I'll be ready for my CA trip in three more weeks.  Does anyone else have one or plan to purchase?

Why I Made the Jump

I had only recently purchased the RIII. Why buy the RIV? I would have to say the monster 60MP resolution size was a big draw for me.  The bigger , the better as far as I'm concerned. We are getting real near true medium format now. Also I was very intrigued by the 16 image pixel shift capabilities as well.  In many ways it is probably what the RIII should have been had they waited a bit to release it.

First Trip

I took the camera with me on my nest trip to Yosemite NP and the eastern Sierra. Prior ro going I watched a complete runthrough by Sony Ambassador Mark Galer and learned quite lot.  I also brought the RIII along for a backup. Never used the backup.

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